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Special Pressure Gauge

YTS-100, 150 acid resistant pressure gauge 
YT-100FR, Y-150FR erosion and high temperature resistant pressure gauge 
YTU-100S, 150S sulfur resistant pressure gauge 

Special pressure gauge is used in all kinds of industrial locations where there are strict requirements on pressure measurement during production process. 

All components of acid resistant pressure gauge are made of stainless steel. YTS series are suitable for high erosive environment. YTS series is widely used in some industrial firms such as petrol, chemical and pesticide etc. 

All components of erosion and high temperature resistant pressure gauge are made of stainless steel; With special welding techniques used in pressure transmit system. Since its good erosion resistant character, YT-FR series is suitable to use in highly erosive medium and some high temperature environment. YT-FR series is widely used in fields like petrol, chemical, pesticide and rubber etc. 

Measurement system of sulfur resistant pressure gauge is made of special stainless steel with sulfur resistant character. It is suitable for pressure measuring in medium, and widely used in areas such as petrol, natural gas, chemical and chemical fiber etc. 

Ambient conditions: -40~70º C, for T-FR series relative humidity no more than 85% 
Temperature Error: Additional error when temperature changes from reference temperature 20° C ± 0.4% for every 10° C rising or falling. Percentage of span.


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