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Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge

Y-B series stainless steel pressure gauge is widely used in industries like petroleum, chemical and chemical fiber etc. It can be used for medium with high corrosion, and used in the environment with severe vibration and other terrible conditions. 

Components of Y-B series adopt stainless steel as materials with creative design and exquisite workmanship. Y-B series can be used adopt various kinds of working conditions quickly because of its high accuracy and long term stability. It is an ideal complementary product for imported equipment. 

Sealed structure can effectively protect internal components from external environment. Vibration resistant and corrosion resistant type is available. 

Ambient temperature: 5-55º C (glycerine filled); -25~55º C (silicon oil filled); -40-70º C (no liquid filled) 
Temperature Error: Additional error when temperature changes from reference temperature 20º C; C ± 0.4% for every 10° C rising or falling. Percentage of span. 
Shock resistant class: VH3 (no liquid filled); VH4 (liquid filled) 
Case protection class: IP64





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