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Established in 2000, with international sales office in Shanghai and production facility in Anhui Province, Anhui AoLiShen Special Cable & Instrument Co., Ltd. (ALS) is a leading manufacturer of all types of fiber, cables and wires, pressure gauges, flow sensors, thermometers and level gauges.


With support from our diligent technical team and professional international trade staff, we are proud of our high quality products and splendid after sales services.


No matter it is a standard product or customized product, we will find the best solutions to meet clients’ requirements. No matter it is a small order or large order, we will handle it with full passion.


One-stop procurement for industrial supplies, choose ALS.



Temperature series: thermocouple, thermal resistance, intelligent temperature transducer

Pressure series: pressure gauge, pressure difference transducer

Flow series: vortex flow sensor, vane wheel flow sensor, thermal mass flow sensor

Cable & Wire: power cable, control cable, computer cable, coaxial cable, high temperature compensation cable

Fiber series: fiber optical cable, fiber connectors, fiber adapors, patch cords

Level series: glass tube / glass panel liquid level gauge, magnetic liquid level gauge, color quartz glass liquid level                         gauge, electric contact liquid level gauge



ALS Factory: Anle Industrial Park, Tianchang City, Anhui Province, China

Shanghai Office: 374 Wuzhou Road, Shanghai 200080, P. R. China


Tel: +86-21-51001895

Fax: +86-21-51561795




MIC gold member showroom: 

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