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Bimetallic Thermometer

Bimetallic thermometer is a local measurement instrument for low medium temperature, widely used for directly measuring liquid, steam and gas, ranged from -80 to +500º C. 

Operating Principle 
It is manufactured from two cold-welded metal strips with different thermal expansion coefficients and rotates in proportion to temperature. The rotary movement is conveyed to the pointer with low friction. 

1. Local display, easy and quick 
2. Safe and reliable, long duration 
3. Multiple kinds of structures according to customers' requirements. 

Technical Parameter 
1. Executive standard: JB/T8803-1998 
2. Dial nominal size: 60, 100, 150 mm 
3. Accuracy class: 1.0, 1.5 
4. Thermal response time: Less than 40s 
5. Protective system: IP55 
6. Angle-adjusting error: No more than 1% of measuring range 
7. Return error: No more than the absolute value of basic error limit 
8. Repeat range: No more than 1/2 of absolute value of basic error limit.








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