Computer Shielded Cable (Cable for DSC System)

This cable is used in connection of computer network or control system, and some inspection devices and instrument with high requirements on anti-interference performance. 

Executive Standard 
Q/TK. J. 04.030-2004 or BS5308 standard for reference 

Working Conditions 
1. Rated A. C. Voltage U0/U: 300/350V; Max long time working temperature allowed: 
For PVC insulation, two types: 70 or 90º C; 
For PE insulation: 70º C; 
For XLPE insulation: 90º C (XLPE insulation includes silane XLPE & irradiation XLPE insulation) 
2. Min. Ambient temperature: Fixed installing -40º C; Unfixed installing -15º C. No lower than 0º C when installing. 
3. Min. Bending radius allowed: 
For non-armored soft cable or braided shielding cable, no less than 6 times of outer diameter; 
For cable with metallic tape wrapped shielding or steel wire/steel tape armor, no less than 12 times of outer diameter.