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Fire Resistant Cable

It is used in the environment with high demands on fire resistant performance, such as tall buildings, oil fields, power stations, power plants, mines, chemical industry, subways and so on. It is also the cable should be equipped for emergency power, fire-flight pump and communication system for elevators. Under the direct burning situation, this type of cable will keep the power on for at least 3 hours, which will give enough time for evacuation and reduce the loss. 

Working Condition 
1. AC rated voltage: U0/U(V series: 600/1000V; K series: 450/750V; B series: 450/750V) 
2. Max temperature of long term working is 70º C and 105º C for flame retardant cable with PVC insulation and 90º C for cable with XLPE insulation. 
3. Temperature for installation is no lower than 0º C. 
4. Recommended bending radius for installing: ≥ 40D for power cable with single core; ≥ 30D for power cable with multi-core; ≥ 12D for control cable. 
B series plastic wire: ≥ 4D(D<25mmw): ≥ 6D(D≥ 25mm) 
D means outer diameter


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