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HG5 Type Standard Glass Liquid Level Gauge

HG5 type standard glass liquid level gauge is used to directly measure medium level inside vessels such as tank, tower and container etc. The structure is simple and level gauge is very convenient to use. Safety steel balls are installed inside top and bottom valves, in case the glass are damaged, steel balls will seal the vessel automatically because of the pressure, which will prevent leaking. 

Technical Data 
Measuring range: 300~3000mm 
Working pressure: -0.1~1.6MPa 
Working temperature: -20~180º C 
Steam sleeve pressure: 1.0MPa 
Steam sleeve connection: G1/2' male thread 
Indication range: Between flanges' center L-200mm 
Process connection: HG20592~20635-97 DN20~DN50 
Material contact medium: Carbon steel, stainless steel 
Steel balls automatic seal pressure≥ 0.2MPa 
Drain valve: Ball valve, needle valve


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