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Silicon Rubber and Flame Retardant Flat Power Cable

It is used as power connection, controlling, signal and lighting cable of various moving power equipment, in the field of lifting, transportation, machine, electronic, steel, medicine, metallurgy, port, mine and storage etc. 

1. Rated voltage UO/U: 0.6/1kV 
2. Working temperature allowed by cable: 
-60~+180º C for cable with silicon rubber insulation; 
-60~+200º C for cable with fluoroplastics insulation 
3. Max temperature of cable conductor is no more than 250º C during short circuit (the longest lasting time is no more than 5s) 
4. Temperature for installing is no lower than -20º C 
5. Min. Bending radius of cable is 10 times that of small border length of cable.


Model Description
(ZR)-YGCB (flame retardant)Flat power cable with silicon rubber insulation and sheath
(ZR)-YF46GRB (flame retardant)Flat power cable with F46 insulation and silicon rubber sheath


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